Red Clay Tile Works:

Hand-made Tile and Site-Specific Design

Hand Made Decorative Tiles

Hand made tiles from the Red Clay Tile Works studio in Pittsburgh, PA are used in custom fireplace and kitchen installations. Our tiles are also displayed uninstalled as decorative tiles presented in the context of art objects as examples of fine craftsmanship and design. Many people collect and display decorative art tile as a connection to places visited, favorite subjects or simply to showcase an appealing blend of color, texture and design. Our decorative tiles can be used any place that ceramic tile is appropriate.

“Arts and Crafts” tile and pottery is highly prized and sought after by knowledgeable collectors. Indeed many of our custom projects are done in the “Arts and Crafts” style. These projects and others are the genesis of many tiles in our collection that were created to accomplish the goals of a client’s particular installation.

Custom Work

Decorative kitchen tile adds beauty, durability and the panache of custom design to the living space so central to our daily lives. Kitchen or fireplace tile installations require no maintenance other than an occasional cleaning with ordinary household products. Ceramic glazes are great that way. Once they are kiln fired to 2000 degrees, the hard, glazed surface is impenetrable. That’s why ceramic tile is the material of choice for the most demanding commercial, medical and (our specialty) decorative applications.

All of the tiles that we offer are made in our studio. Each order of hand made and hand glazed tile exhibits the touch of the maker’s hand. While we carefully control quality, we allow variations that contribute to aesthetic enhancement. Variations will occur from tile to tile but within a range that adds life and interest to the completed project. Our artistic tile will not be confused with the ordinary.

House Numbers

Custom House Number Tiles are a product that we are especially known for. View our collection and select a design for your home that best compliments your architecture and your taste. They make great gifts that reflect your preference for finer things. Each House Number Tile is hand glazed with your number and kiln fired to complete an address marker that will last as long as the house itself.

Consider our tiles to grace your home both inside and out. Visit the “News Items and Links” for up to date information about the studio and our work.