Custom-Made House Numbers

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Our ceramic House Number tiles are made of a glazed, high density fired clay. They are extremely durable and resistant to sun, heat, cold and water. Once installed, the tiles need no maintenance and will never need to be polished, painted or sealed like signs made from other materials. Unlike wood they will not rot or deteriorate with exposure to weather. Unlike many metal alternatives, our House Number Tiles have a high degree of legibility due to strong color contrast and bold, simple letterforms. They will enhance your home and give you a lifetime of satisfaction.

Installation can be accomplished by anyone by following the detailed instructions provided with each order. Any materials that are necessary may be obtained at any hardware store or home center.

These tiles are made entirely by hand. Much of the product's charm and unique character is a direct result of the process. Slight variations are to be expected and show them to be a special, custom product made by real craftsmen.

Normal delivery is 4 - 6 weeks. Since each tile is made specifically for an individual customer, an order cannot be cancelled or returned. We cannot be responsible for information that has been incorrectly supplied to us. We have been in business since 1974 and are proud of our craftsmanship. We will not deliver a tile that does not meet our standards. Since the tiles are custom, full payment must accompany the order and include shipping and sales tax where necessary. We must ship to a street address - no P.O. boxes. Please contact us if you have questions.


All house number tiles are supplied with a sheet of detailed, step by step instructions including brand names of common, widely available and inexpensive materials for your convenience. Other brands of equivalent quality may be substituted. We have no business relationship with any of the brands mentioned. Recommendations are supplied as a courtesy. Below are brief, general instructions.


All one part designs have holes and can be installed with screws and/or adhesive. Usually both are recommended to give a secure, permanent installation. We suggest supplementing screws with adhesive to give a stable, movement free mounting without placing excessive pressure on the tile.

Wood: Use brass or stainless steel screws. We suggest supplementing the screws with "Liquid Nails" (tm) or similar construction adhesive applied to the back surface. Drive screws by hand - no power drivers. Finish with bead of caulk around tile for a neat appearance.

Masonry: Drill into Masonry and insert plastic or metal anchor sleeve. Proceed as if mounting to wood surface using screws supplemented by adhesive and finished with caulk.


These are made without screw holes because we feel that many screws would detract from the appearance. These designs are installed (just as any tile) with an adhesive that is appropriate for the surface.

Wood: Construction adhesive such as "Liquid Nails-Heavy Duty" (tm) or similar bonds well to wood or masonry. Be sure to use the type that is suitable for outdoor use.

Masonry: Use a patch cement such as "Quikrete Vinyl Concrete Patcher" (tm) or similar to bond to brick, block or stone. This material is similar to thinset tile mortars. The key ingredient is the polymer additive which greatly improves bond strength. Irregular surfaces such as rough stone may require leveling by chipping or by building up with the cement to achieve a fairly flat bed for bonding the house number tile.

The instructions provided with the tile give detailed, step by step instructions. You may contact us if you have any additional questions about installation.