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RED CLAY TILE WORKS is an artist's studio operated by Eileen and Anders Anderson that makes a large selection of handcrafted tiles for collectors as well as tiles to be installed in almost any application where ceramic tile is appropriate.  We have worked for clients all over the country creating unique installations for discriminating patrons. Our unique house number tiles are our single most popular category. There's an excursion to the unusual on the sculpture and assemblies page. Explore!


Kitchen backsplashes and decorative fireplace facades are great applications for our unique handmade tiles.  We have done many diverse and unusual projects for clients in residential and commercial spaces.  Since we actually make what we sell, design possibilities are endless and are limited only by the imagination.  Our tile can be used in most locations where a tile or stone product is suitable.  The studio can help with the design phase or work from the client’s concept within the limits of our materials and equipment.  Contact us with your project and you can be sure that you will receive careful, individual attention and thoughtful solutions.  We have more tiles than are shown and make new designs as needed.  If you don't see what you are looking for...ASK.


SALES - Order tiles from our on line store.  Ours is a small studio and with so many offerings we may not have every item in stock all the time. We will notify you if there will be a delay in shipment. We are more interested in doing our job well than doing it fast.  Items are packed carefully and we have an excellent experience shipping products without damage. If there is damage in shipping, please hold packing materials and notify us immediately.  


Keep in mind that this is a hand made porduct and there will be some variation from piece to piece. Also, colors may vary from the depicted image somewhat due to variables in photography, computer displays etc.  If you have questions and concerns about this please contact us and we can offer guidance. 


Contacting us is best and quickest by phone and you will talk to me, Anders Anderson, directly 99% of the time.


Our tiles are made by hand with great care through several steps that require time. We make our own clay body and glazes to suit the type of work that we do. Our tiles can be used any place tile is appropriate however we do not recommend our tiles for exterior horizontal applications such as outdoor patios or walkways in most cases. Tiles and house number tiles mounted on vertical surfaces will endure the rigors of the elements and will last indefinitely if installation instructions or industry practices are followed. 

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