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This is an example of a backsplash mural that is one-of-a-kind and carved directly on a clay slab. When the modeling was completed the panel was divided along the edges of grapes, leaves and branches to form the individual tiles. The distraction of grout lines is minimized resulting in a very clean appearance. Border moldings are extruded from damp clay and formed to the curves then dried, glazed and fired.



The tiles were made to fit an existing brick fireplace so that very little cutting and trimming was necessary at the time of installation and the design proportions were maintained



A what? A kachelofen is a traditional and highly ornamented tile and masonry radiant heating stove. Versions can be found throughout northern Europe and Asia.  This example was commissioned by the Graf family of Pittsburgh as a gift to the Swiss Nationality Room at the University of Pittsburgh. Much of the artwork and decoration is original but the overall design is based on an example made by Graf family ancestors in 1640. The stove upon which this one is based is in the Schloss Wulfingen castle in Winterthur, Switerland.



An intricate repeating pattern is the focal point of this design for a fireplace set between two glassfront bookcases in a unique suburban Chicago Arts and Crafts style interior. 



This "backsplash" band is on the back side of an "L" shaped kitchen island and helps define an intimate casual dining area and compliments a collection of art pottery.  The repeating mosaic design depicts a stylized branch of a buckeye tree.





A cascading leaf pattern flanks the bathroom mirror. The subtly textured surface and slight vatiations in the handmade 4x4 field tile used on the walls and throughout the shower give a warmth to a cozy bathroom.



White glazed 2x4 field tiles surround small decorative elements creating a subtle texture in contrast to the smooth and formal mantel. Floral cornerblock tile were created specifically for this installation and depict roses and hydrangia, favorites of the client.



This "wayfinder" mural map was commissioned by a neighborhood organization to identify and locate the many buildings of historical significance in the area. Numbers on the map refer to numbered tiles on the left and right flanks showing photos, addresses and construction dates of the important historical assets. Images were created with a decal process that fuses the image onto the tile's glazed surface. Other parts of the map were crafted through direct modeling of clay as well as the use of press formed and extruded parts.




The raised hearth of this fireplace has a  solitary rose bud on a stem in relief centered in front of the opening. The left and right relief rose panels are one-of-a-kind created by working directly with wet clay. Plain field tiles are extruded and formed by hand. As with other projects of this type, the tiles are made to fit the site both for ease of installation and for the best final appearance with finished, glazed edges on the tiles.

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